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the weekend cast

I'm writing to you from cloudy Cape Cod, where Brandon and I have spent a few days doing absolutely nothing. If you follow me on instagram, you'll know that was exactly what we were looking for: peace, quiet, and lobster rolls. The photo above was taken amidst the marshes at Fort Hill, which are a great pit stop if you're driving to Provincetown. Tomorrow morning, we're up at the crack of dawn and driving all the way to Toronto for..... you guessed it! Another wedding :D I've got a super fun, silky black dress that I'm really excited to wear. Do you have any recommendations for food stops along the way? Audio books we should listen to? We're thinking of starting the (33-hour!) first book of GOT, now that the season is over and we already miss it. 

Spaghetti with Zucchini, Parmesan + Garlic (Noodles + Zoodles)

Zoodles on their own just don't do it for me. I eat an entire bowl of them and am starving 10 minutes later. Just me? I also love pasta so freaking much that damn it how can you say the two are the same? Ok don't worry, this isn't a rant on zucchini noodles. They too have their merits. They are delightful in salads and excellent when you want to keep things light and tight. And even more so, they're perfect when you want zucchini with your pasta, but not huge chunks of veg that don't really blend in.