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How To Be A Great Wedding Guest

This year, I attended seven weddings all before my own. It was actually a wonderful experience for me because 1) I love dressing up; see evidence below and 2) I was able to learn a lot in preparation for my own wedding, which is right around the corner! In going to these parties, I paid attention to so many little details, including food, decor, preferred dance moves, etc. I also noticed the behavior of many guests, both in a positive and negative light. Some things made me pause and try to avoid a major eye roll, other things made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I've made a list below of do's and don't's at a wedding that I personally live by. As always, the opinions are only my own, and you can choose to take them or leave them. I hope that if nothing else, they spark your curiosity about what kind of guest you are, and what kind of guest you want to be! 

Wedding Etiquette: Who Gets A Plus-One?

Last week, a reader wrote me a note to ask about the proper etiquette regarding plus ones to a wedding. She and her boyfriend have been together for a while, and the bride has met her in the past, but she wasn't invited to the wedding. What's a girl to think? Is the bride just being bitchy? Should her boyfriend not attend the wedding in solidarity? 

5 Tips For Hosting A Large Dinner Party

As many of you know, I'm from a big family, so a dinner party with 14 people feels more or less regular. Spectacularly loud and fun, but still, common in my life. Now I'm getting married to Brandon, who is 1 of 5 siblings! So.... two big families and what do you get? A lot of coordinating when it comes to going out or staying in all together. While it can be difficult to just turn your mind off when a big group is buzzing in your home, with just a few hints, it's something you too can do. Here are my suggestions for a smoother hosting process

How Much Money Should You Spend On A Wedding Gift?

Wedding gift etiquette is one of the most requested topics from my readers. What the heck is the right amount to spend on a wedding gift? Is it better to give a registry gift, or a check? Is it okay for friends to get together to give one combined gift? All valid questions that are always a bit awkward to ask. As you read this article, please keep in mind that I understand different cultures have different values and ideas about gift-giving in general. The opinions below are simply my own. Take what you like to heart, leave what doesn't serve you behind. 

How to Be a Good Overnight Guest

For a host, overnight guests are simultaneously a pleasure and a nightmare. There is so much to prepare for; so many t's to cross and i's to dot. Sheets to wash and plates to clear. Dinners to prepare and entertaining to be done. It reminds me a bit of college... waking up all together, drinking coffee, eating leftovers, mapping out a plan for the day. It's truly lovely when planned well and with a lot of thoughtfulness coming from both ends.

When, If Ever, Is Re-Gifting Acceptable?

So let’s say you have a million wine glasses in your apartment. Like, way too many. You have stemless, and stemmed, and gold rimmed, and even disposable. Yet for some reason, everyone you know seems to be giving you wine glasses this year! What gives? Is it better to hoard these glasses and keep your collection growing, or is it better to re-gift a set to a friend that is still drinking from red Solo cups? The answer is a bit complicated.