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Cinco de Mayo Dessert: Creamiest, Dreamiest, Flan

My mom loved sgushenka (sweetened condensed milk) and so we would eat it right out of the can- sorry, dentists! This recipe for flan uses 3 types of milk, and has never failed me. It requires little notice, money, or expertise. And it's the perfect ending to a Cinco de Mayo party! If you make it in a deep pie pan, you won't even have to stress about flipping it. 

Cinco de Mayo Dip: My Favorite Hot-Oil Guacamole, Extra-Chunky

For a while I contemplated sharing a recipe for anything other than guacamole because I get many times can we sing praise for mashed avocado with cilantro and lime? I hear you. But wait... what if you don't have a go-to recipe for your favorite guac? What if you're always eyeballing this and that, sometimes achieving avocado nirvana, other times blinking doubly as you taste your acidic concoction? It has taken me a long time but I have found my favorite recipe, and I rarely stray from it.