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Becoming a Mother: Dispatch from Week 6

It’s 8:36 AM, and I’ve got a hot (!!!) cup of coffee in my hand. Those of you with babies know that I’ll probably only get to take 2 sips of it before it sits idle on the counter until 1PM, but still, those 2 sips are major. I’ve showered, made a teeny tiny to-do list for the day, and managed to put real pants on.

It’s finally getting easier, just like everyone promised. Reva and I are settling into our own little routine, and my confidence is growing. I am starting to get to know my daughter and trust my own intuition as a mother. I’ve stopped googling every single thing. Which is not to say I don’t worry, just…. less.

Becoming A Mother, Part 2: The First Days at Home

As we were driving home, I couldn’t wait to get into my apartment and just get settled. My parents were bringing Maui over, and somehow the timing worked out such that we all arrived at our doorstep at the same time. Cue: chaos. Maui hadn’t seen us in 4 days, so he was losing his cool, jumping around everywhere, sniffing the baby, running around in circles, and just generally being a dog. My parents and brother were at the apartment because they came to set up our stroller, clean up, and just help as much as they could. Unfortunately, things did not go as I had intended. (Are you noticing this theme here?)

Becoming a Mother, Part 1: The Hospital

As many of you know, I come from a BIG family. So does my husband. I’ve been around babies for most of my life, and I have always been told I’ll be a natural. I had a fairly easy pregnancy. I read the books. I did my research. And at the end of the day, absolutely none of it mattered. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, could have prepared me for the early days of being a new mom.

I want to share my experience not to scare anyone, or to complain, but simply to shed some light on the aftermath of birth and becoming a mother in hopes that for some of you, it might be a smoother transition, or at least less jarring than it was for me. As always, this is only my personal opinion and experience, so take what you will, and leave what doesn’t suit you. 

Still Here. Still Pregnant.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve sat down in front of this screen and written something down for the blog. I can’t really explain why. Maybe I’ve had writer’s block. Or maybe I felt that I wasn’t inspired. Perhaps it was the idea that my readers aren’t interested in my pregnancy or in the lentil soup I made for dinner. It could have been the fact that I started a business and a part-time job, both of which have been all consuming. I moved. Tried to decorate an apartment. Care for a puppy. Have a life. Be a healthy pregnant woman.