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A Week Before My Wedding

Good morning, dear readers. You may have noticed that last week, I didn't share a "weekend cast" with you. To be completely honest, my mind has been occupied with a zillion, and yes, I do mean zillion, little details. I wanted to share some pockets of thought inside my brain leading up to the big day. I wonder if other brides have experienced similar thoughts? Let's see...

Wedding Etiquette: Who Gets A Plus-One?

Last week, a reader wrote me a note to ask about the proper etiquette regarding plus ones to a wedding. She and her boyfriend have been together for a while, and the bride has met her in the past, but she wasn't invited to the wedding. What's a girl to think? Is the bride just being bitchy? Should her boyfriend not attend the wedding in solidarity? 

10 Things to Do 100 Days Before Your Wedding

I've been thinking a lot about what's left to get done in these last 100 days, and decided that a checklist would be helpful for all the brides out there. This list will vary depending on many factors, including how long of an engagement you have, but generally, keep these in mind at the 3-month-mark. Happy planning!

How to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

Are you a flower lover like me? Do you imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by hundreds of rose petals? Or are you a lady who doesn't particularly care about flowers? Would you be just as happy to say "I do" under a lush leaf altar? The most important thing that you should learn when planning a wedding is to figure out how to prioritize. You need to be able to break down each part of the day, and figure out what will make you happiest. And more specifically, learn to think this way about every facet of the planning process.