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Around the web this week we've got a spin on traditional cookies, skin supplements (both internal and external), funky earrings that make me want to book a flight to Havana, the most beautiful smoothies you've ever seen, and more right below. 

Vegan Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

It was foggy and gray outside; my farmer’s market plans were quickly abolished. I moved sluggishly out of bed, my eyes took an eternity to focus on the room in front of me. I brewed some coffee, sat on the couch, contemplated what was next. I knew I wanted to take on a hefty weekend baking project. Because when, if not on a rainy saturday, would you go through the trouble of making dough from scratch? 

Cinco de Mayo Dessert: Creamiest, Dreamiest, Flan

My mom loved sgushenka (sweetened condensed milk) and so we would eat it right out of the can- sorry, dentists! This recipe for flan uses 3 types of milk, and has never failed me. It requires little notice, money, or expertise. And it's the perfect ending to a Cinco de Mayo party! If you make it in a deep pie pan, you won't even have to stress about flipping it.