the weekend cast

the weekend cast

hello dear friends! 
I'm writing to you from cloudy Cape Cod, where Brandon and I have spent a few days doing absolutely nothing. If you follow me on instagram, you'll know that was exactly what we were looking for: peace, quiet, and lobster rolls. The photo above was taken amidst the marshes at Fort Hill, which are a great pit stop if you're driving to Provincetown. Tomorrow morning, we're up at the crack of dawn and driving all the way to Toronto for..... you guessed it! Another wedding :D I've got a super fun, silky black dress that I'm really excited to wear. Do you have any recommendations for food stops along the way? Audio books we should listen to? We're thinking of starting the (33-hour!) first book of GOT, now that the season is over and we already miss it. 

How about you? What do you have going on this labor day weekend?! I hope you're eating something tasty, and spending times with loved ones. In your downtime, check out what I've discovered around the web this week....

found a beautiful dress that looks identical to this self-portrait beauty for 1/5th of the price ($89!)

while I'm not super into pop-culture, I found this article about Taylor Swift's new music video to be very thought-provoking and well written

it's almost September people! that means that sweater weather is right around the corner...

I really want to go Mallorca after seeing this blogger's beautiful photos of her family vacation there. P.S how cute are those kiddies?

if you're wondering how to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey, consider donating to one of the charities suggested by Charity Navigator.  Brandon and I have chosen to donate to the Houston Food Bank

adore these studded leather crossback sandals, which remind me so much of these Marni ones

adore the sarcastic pieces written on the hairpin, and recently, this piece about avocado on salads resonated with me on a deep personal level :)

would you wear these rainbow combat boots?

I've been reading this book on the beach, and it's laugh-out-loud funny. Like, last night I was chuckling at 11PM reading it and grandpa (read: Brandon) woke up from how loud I was laughing.

recently tasted these oatmeal carmelitas at the inn we're staying at on Cape Cod, and they are unforgettably gooey and delicious.

also at the inn, cilantro conditioner, and I'm seriously loving how silky it leaves my hair. are you pro or anti-cilantro? 

have you ever tried adaptogens? do they help you de-stress? I just ordered ashwaghanda and I'm excited to see if it really works. 

adored this "choose your own adventure" day in LA. I would totally choose the hollywood glam route... how about you? 

finally, to end on a happy note, this is the most popular article I have ever written! If you haven't checked out my tips on how to be a great wedding guest yet, you should :) 

The Best Lobster Roll In Cape Cod

The Best Lobster Roll In Cape Cod

How To Be A Great Wedding Guest

How To Be A Great Wedding Guest