the weekend cast

the weekend cast

Good morning ladies + gents! I'm up early this morning to write the weekend cast. Procrastination: it happens to the best of us. I'm sipping on a luxurious latté and looking forward to a quiet morning in the office *fingers crossed*. Also, dreaming about the fluffy milk bread sandwiches we ate in Tokyo. The breakfast pictured above was on our first day out and about. Oh how I miss it!

Speaking of eggs, my mother kindly planned a birthday brunch for me with our family tomorrow, which I couldn't be more excited about! My brother is baking loaves of bread for the event (how cool is he?), my dad is buying all the accoutrements, and I want to bake a cake! It's been awhile since I executed a whole layer cake, but I'm up for the challenge! Thinking a Brooklyn blackout cake. Thoughts? On Sunday, we're going to Brooklyn Crab to grab some beers and play corn hole. Have you checked this place out yet? 

And how about you? What do you have going on? While you map out your days, check out the cool things I've seen around the web this week.

would you make a vegan birthday cake if you're not a vegan? Asking for myself.

the sunglasses I've worn all summer long.

have you heard about cycle-syncing, or ever tried it? 

my best friend got me this moisturizer for my birthday and it makes my pores appear smaller #yay

I want to try these bagels and judge them like a true New Yorker.

these moto leggings are going to be perfect with a chunky sweater come fall (p.s it's right around the corner!!!)

I stand with the Jews of Charlottesville.

I love the customization process of Helix, where we just ordered a new mattress from.

have you tried Nur yet? supposed to be some of the best Israeli food in NYC.

I finally refinanced my student loans- if you're looking to do the same, check out elfi.

fascinating article about the success strategies of Oprah, Einstein & Buffett 

the only thing I want to eat until Labor Day

would you wear a choker like this one?

love the minimal aesthetic and affordable price tag on this shelving unit.

thank you for reading 😊 now get out there, slay Friday, and let's do this wknd thing!!! 

love talk: how 30-minutes, 1x a week can benefit your relationship

love talk: how 30-minutes, 1x a week can benefit your relationship

Easiest Lemon-Tahini Dressing (Vegan!)

Easiest Lemon-Tahini Dressing (Vegan!)