the weekend cast

the weekend cast

happy friday friends!

I have a whirlwind weekend of me, complete with 1 BBQ, 1 25th Birthday, 2 weddings and 100 modes of transportation in between 3 cities. Crazy! I know. I'm looking forward to many reasons to play dress up, and to drink a lot of champagne :) What do you have going on? 

Around the web this week we've got a spin on traditional cookies, skin supplements (both internal and external), funky earrings that make me want to book a flight to Havana, the most beautiful smoothies you've ever seen, and more right below. 

p.s the photo above is from our recent camping trip in Woodstock! This weekend, I'll be sharing a full itinerary for a wonderful weekend trip up to the Catskills! Stay tuned :)

have a FABULOUS weekend!

my favorite gluten-free snack from Trader's Joe to keep in my bag

this body clearing spray seems like a miracle for sweaty summer nights

these funky dannijo earrings are on sale

I'm going to start taking cod liver oil because I am vitamin-D deficient and this is a great natural source of both vitamin D + A. What supplements do you take daily?

speaking of supplements, have you ever tried taking marine or bovine collagen? Apparently it works wonders for your skin

an incredible cucumber-yogurt probiotic face mask (masque?) 

do you really know how to caramelize onions

classic shape + edgy studding = the perfect black bag

intrigued by mint-chocolate chip cookies

the most beautiful smoothie-inspo on instagram

5 workouts for when you're stressed AF

Ashley Graham is a GODDESS

How To Spend A Weekend in Woodstock

How To Spend A Weekend in Woodstock

Constellation Cauliflower Soup (Vegan!)

Constellation Cauliflower Soup (Vegan!)