How To Make A Vision Board; 2018, A Recap

How To Make A Vision Board; 2018, A Recap

About a year ago, I spoke with a career coach when I was feeling lost about which direction I wanted to head in professionally. To my surprise, our series of conversations focused more on who I was and what I wanted for my future as a whole, rather than just the job part. It was December, and she encouraged me to make a vision board for things I see happening next year. 

It felt pretty random, sitting on the floor, ripping out pages of a magazine and pasting pictures to a white board. Some of them made sense, like the beautiful photos of exotic destinations. Others were more uncertain: a photo of Mexican food, a pizza, pink palm trees, a Restoration Hardware ad.

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To start, all you’ll need are a ton of different magazines (buy various categories to get more photos), glue sticks, and a white board. Carve out a few hours of quiet, alone time, and rip out all the photos that speak to you as you flip through the magazines. Then, lay the photos out on your vision board. Make edits if you have doubles or some pics aren’t fitting. Once you like the layout, glue your photos on and set aside to dry… 

It’s eery to look back on the vision board now because somehow, most of the puzzle pieces fit, even though I was totally following impulse last year and subconsciously choosing photos. I’m going to share a recap of the highlights, as well as some tips for making your own vision board if you’d like to before the New Year. 


The word “home”: At the start of this year, Brandon and I were living in a rental apartment in Boerum Hill that I could not imagine loving more. I adored my space and the neighborhood, and after two years, finally felt like our place had come together. I had no intention or desire to move away from my favorite local bakery, restaurant, or banh mi spot. When we got notice of a rent hike (no surprise in NYC) we started thinking about buying a place. We had just settled down from wedding planning, so I wasn’t really in the mood to uproot again. Ha!

We found an apartment that we loved in April, and made an offer. After our offer was accepted, it took six whole months for us to move, three of which we spent living in my childhood bedroom at my parents house. Fun times guys! It was the slowest, longest, and most annoying series of events but now- we’re homeowners! In late September, we moved to Windsor Terrace and we are still on the hunt for everything from a coffee table to curtains, but it feels pretty freaking awesome to know this is where we’ll be for a while, conveniently across the street from Prospect Park. Yay for Maui! 

Vision Board Tip#1: Expect the unexpected. At the start of the year, we have these ideas about what’s going to happen. The places we’ll go, the things we’ll see, who we might meet. It’s wonderful to visualize, but leave room in your mind for the little, or big things, that you weren’t anticipating. 

Photos of tamales, greek salad, and wilderness: As most of you know, I am obsessed with food and largely base my travels on where to eat next. There had been murmurs amidst the family of planning a summer trip to Greece, and Mexico City was becoming a real hot spot, so you could say I had them on my list. And…. What do you think happened? Both of them! I am not suggesting this was because of the vision board, but it probably helped. Looking back on it every few weeks or so planted and re-planted the little seed that I wanted to explore. When it came time to choose a graduation gift for my brother, I was looking for a weekend getaway, just the two of us. Something that was kind of close, affordable, and of course, full of good food. We looked at everything from Montreal to London to Los Angeles but where did we stop our search? Mexico City. 


Vision Board Tip#2: If you plant the seed early, even if you don’t know how it will come to be, your dreams are more likely to come to fruition. I felt a little ridiculous gluing photos of feta cheese to my yearly vision board, but I ended up going to Greece (for the first time) and it was one of my all-time favorite trips. Ever. 

A photo of a pizza and the word “frozen”: This one is downright insane. I don’t get it but I swear I had no idea I was going to start a frozen food company. At the time I was making a vision board, I had just met Jess, and we began playing around with the idea of a sustainable frozen food company. We didn’t really know each other, but we met at the Ace hotel and brainstormed concepts for incorporating ugly produce into frozen food. We were planning on launching a line that had different healthy products like bowls, burritos. etc. After some research, we realized we bit off too big a chunk, and needed to streamline. We would have to find one product that we could focus on to get the business off the ground. As we were hemming and hawing, I came home one night and looked at the vision board. Right in front of me was exactly the thing I was looking for: a photo of a pizza! Everything clicked for me, and I knew that’s what we had been looking for. CRAZY, no?!?!

For 10 months, I worked at Food52 full-time and on the business (with Jess) until I felt confident that we were onto something. On October 19th, I quite my job and a month later, we launched Scraps. I have never felt happier, more excited, or more nervous for that matter about my future, but I know that I made the right decision in making the jump.


Vision Board Tip #3: Don’t try to make sense of the phrases or words that are speaking to you, even if they feel completely random and foreign. Just allow intuition to take over. You will thank yourself later. 

A photo of a Restoration Hardware ad: Okay fine, it happened to have a photo of a beautiful nursery in it. Brandon and I both come from big families (you guys know this) and we wanted that for ourselves one day. We had talked about having children, but not necessarily the timing of it. We got married in October 2017, so I knew it wasn’t in the cards immediately. 

In the fall, we decided to start trying, assuming these things can take anywhere from a month to many years. We’re very lucky that things happened quickly, and even more overjoyed to share that we have our first baby on the way. It is the most surreal feeling in the entire world, and to be completely honest, one that I still haven’t fully processed yet. I just started showing, so that makes it feel a little more real. I’ve dreamt of having my own family and being a mama forever, so this is a dream come true for us. 


I’ll be honest with you, after our wedding in 2017, I didn’t think anything would top it for a while… okay maybe forever… but this year really surprised me. A new house, a new job, and a baby on the way. It feels like I’ve turned to a completely new chapter of my life. I am planting roots while growing wings. Life is so fresh, new and exciting, that I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store. 

Once the glue on your vision board dries, set it up somewhere close where you can check back often. Some people like to have it on their bedroom wall, but I found the front of my clothing closet more comfortable. Wherever you store it, make sure it’s easily accessible, because you never know when the next big dream is about to pop it’s little head out, and say hello. 

Happy Holidays & New Year to everyone, cheers! 

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