the weekend cast

the weekend cast

hello people! how goes it? I woke up this morning and realized that I couldn't get away with throwing a dress on and running out of the house. I remembered how much longer everything takes once the cooler weather hits, how much slower we, I, move. Almost instantaneously my body craves hot coffee, warm pastries, thick sweaters. What are you up to this weekend? 

Tonight, we're hanging at home and going to enjoy a homemade Shabbat dinner... it's been a while :) Tomorrow I've got to do a bit of shopping and cleaning for a special friend (more details soon!) and then Sunday is my dad's 60th birthday celebration! I can't wait to boogie and eat an infinite amount of pasta at the Italian restaurant they're hosting at. How about you? Are you already making plans to go pumpkin picking? Or still grabbing at the last few straws of summer with a picnic? Let me know in the comments below!

Here are some links I adore from around the web this week.....

I am obsessed with this book I’m reading, which not only profiles “unruly” celebrity women, but also makes me question who I am as a woman, and why. HIGHLY recommend. 

this makes an awesome gift for your cool/hippie/spiritual friend; my brother just gave me one and I’m loving the unique curation of products

made this for shabbat dinner tonight and absolutely cannot wait bc we all know yotam recipes are perfection

anyone have $950 I could borrow for these literally flawless aquazzura velvet pumps? 

more affordable pumps that I actually own and adore

it’s been a longtime since I’ve stayed up past midnight, but I’ll keep these tricks in my back pocket for the next time I do

the perfect day-to-night skirt for fall

I just purchased this face + neck massager which is really helping me with neck tension; more pros: it’s affordable and easy to store

my favorite new item at trader joe’s; p.s an article coming soon all about my fave frozen foods there! 

great now i don’t have to get my ears pierced to look edgy

if you haven’t been to Ki sushi in Boerum Hill, run, don’t walk. Extremely fresh sushi and delicious Japanese food that won’t break the bank.

the best gluten-free flour I’ve ever cooked with

hilarious horoscopes right this way

pink velvet strikes again, this time in the form of a massive couch that gives this portland bungalow *~dreamy~* vibes

just bought this eyeliner and I swear it stays on FOREVER like is it made of tattoo ink or what's the story? 

have a fantastic weekend bbs and don't forget to frolick in the autumn sunshine and crisp air! 

My 10 Favorite Products at Trader Joe's

My 10 Favorite Products at Trader Joe's

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Did You Write Your Wedding Vows?