the weekend cast

the weekend cast

well hello there dahhhhhling! how goes it? We're closing out on week 3 with our pup and BOY IS IT A LOT OF WORK! I don't think I ever realized what waking up at 6AM every single day is like. The thing is though.... he is so darn cute. I forget all about how annoying the wake-up call is, or how gross it is to scoop poop off the street as soon as he licks my face or jumps on me when I come home! Is this what having a baby is like? They do say it's good practice... What are you up to this weekend? I'm observing Yom Kippur, and then on Sunday doing a final walkthrough at our wedding venue! WOOOHOO! 23 days!

here are some things I've seen + loved around the web

have you heard about the Korean skincare "all-in-one-facial" product? read a review here if you'd like. I just ordered it because #cultbeautyproducts and I can't wait to try! 

on another #cult note, these white t-shirts by celebrity stylist karla welch. Very reasonably priced and the PERFECT fit. 

wtf is the keto diet you're seeing all over instagram?

if you're a size 8 please buy these valentino ballet flats b/c I can't

humans are good + kind (hope in mexico city)

just stocked up on my all-time-favorite tool for bushy brows and realized I've never told you about. get it now!!!

love this easy-to-follow 10-minute yoga routine for relaxation 

I want to wear these "crushed velvet" socks with some strappy sandals that have crystals all over them

have you heard of new wash? apparently it's a shampoo, conditioner, and detangler all in one.

soul cycle opened up a new studio and there are no bikes inside

a wonderful essential oil that I keep in my bag nowadays for a quick moment to breathe + de-stress

an adorable restaurant in nyc i'm dying to try 

have a fantastic day! and if you're fasting later on, have an easy one!! drink water + eat cucumbers + snack on watermelon before the dehydration hits ya! 

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