the weekend cast

the weekend cast

wooooooof hi! 

today is a HUGE DAY for Brandon and I. I’ve kept the secret under wraps for a while but I’m so excited to share that today our dog Maui is coming home to us! He is a 10-week old Portuguese Water Dog who is named after the black-sand beaches we visited in Hawaii! We are so excited to meet him and play with him and cuddle with him and omg I am bouncing off the walls! Currently, Brandon is on a flight to Wisconsin going to get our precious lil guy. I have never been a dog mom so if you have tips for what to do when bringing a puppy home, please do let me know! I will share more with you in the near feature, but now, without further adieu, I bring you the weekend cast! 

p.s that photo was actually taken on Lanai, a beautiful island right near Maui where we spent a magical day snorkeling in solitude and enjoying the beach last summer :) which reminds me... I should do a Maui itinerary post! so much to do and sooooo little time

interesting to see how 5 woman of different shapes and colors style the same stunning dress

cat eye sunglasses are all the rage this season

was down with the stomach bug earlier this week and discovered organic saltines that shockingly taste better than the original 

I adore the relaxed look of this burgundy tweed coat

my article about healing menstrual cramps naturally was featured this week on Cupcakes & Cashmere! have you read it yet?

where I chose to donate to Hurricane Irma. Please donate here, or to any organization you see fit if you are willing and able.

everyone is talking about ursa major wipes; perfect for stashing in your bag and cleaning your face quickly post-gym pre-happy hour :)

the most magical recipe for cake pops/ oreo truffles and seriously it’s RIDICULOUS how good they taste considering the level of effort required 

I bought this cami from Topshop in Toronto last week and have worn it 3x since. So flattering and cute

pretty in pink and that top handle is to die for

i’ve discovered the best squishies to remove makeup with; they're uber soft and you can see real cotton flecks in em!

holy cuteness these millennial pink le creuset pots are to die for

should we be eating more dairy and carbs?

the most beautiful bridal hair accessories I've come across

I hope you have a fantastic-diddly-do weekend! I'll be cuddling with my pup any minute now!! 

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