the weekend cast

the weekend cast

happy august you guys! the best month of the year b/c it's leo-time! all you leos know what I mean... #birthdaymonth #onfleek

Is that still a thing? Does anyone say on fleek anymore? When it comes to birthdays, I'm still a 5-year old girl who can't fall asleep the night before, tossing and turning in anticipation. I love any reason to celebrate and the 13th of August aka when I met mother earth is a great one.

Anyways, in more relatable news, this weekend I am sticking around the city once again. Brandon is going on another bachelor party (enough already!) and I'm exploring Brooklyn. My plan is to check out rockaway beach with my friend Val, and eat all of the fish tacos in sight. I also want to see a movie and maybe go on a day trip with my brother. Seems like tomorrow will be a rainy saturday, so maybe we'll try an extensive cooking project like homemade croissants. Have I mentioned that my brother Eric is a master baker?
Do you have recommendations for what to do on a rainy day in Brooklyn? And how about you? What do you have planned? 

p.s it's been a month of the weekend cast now: what do you think? Are you enjoying the series? I'd love to hear your feedback. If there is something you'd like to see more of on the site, let me know! Ok, moving swiftly onto the finds of the week! 

be careful and considerate when saying "I'm broke"

my favorite bar in brooklyn (if you go this summer, PLEASE have the heirloom tomato salad & the crispy brussels)

last saturday I took myself out on a date to see Menashe and couldn't have been more in awe. After the screening, the director spoke about the many challenges of creating a movie within a community that is so private. He shared one hilarious story that really explains the struggle: one day they were filming an intense. emotional scene and an elderly man walks into the middle of the set to speak with an actor. He hands him a box filled with stuff and says "Menashe, can you bring this to my cousin in Monsey tomorrow?" Obviously, the whole scene was ruined and they didn't have time to re-shoot so they cut it out! Can you even imagine? Despite all the difficulties, the film is a smashing success and I urge you to check it out. 

new additions to my skincare routine: this zingy, citrus face-wash and micellar water! You can read about the benefits of micellar water here. <---- ty Elizabeth! 

an inspiring quote from this interview with Nancy Northup: "there's a huge commitment in the millennial generation to equality, to understanding the intersectionality of what it means to look at all the ways in which we're different, and wanting to see equality and fair treatment and dignity for all people.” 

if you haven't heard of a period cup, read this

LOVE the idea of adding white lentils to a breakfast porridge for protien

the most comfortable, flattering slides I've been living in all summer

have you heard of brandless, where everything costs $3?

what are your thoughts on maximalist shoes? personally, I want those green satin slides asap

I was totally over heart jewelry in fourth grade, until I saw this; lapis lazuli is my new obsession 

my first article for my new column, love talk, launched yesterday! give it a read

we're thinking about new zealand for our honeymoon, do you have recos?

see you soon dearest readers, thank you for your time + ttys! 

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