the weekend cast

the weekend cast

hi guys! how are you doing? this week has felt particularly slow, but I'm excited for the weekend. my best buddy valerie is having a holiday party and I cannot wait to sip on festive cocktails and put on my party dress. I'm bring NACHOS, perhaps these banh mi nachos *drool*
I'm thinking about how often I post the weekend cast, are you guys into it? do you think it should be a monthly thing instead of weekly? share your thoughts in the comments below! 

I'm in holiday gifting mode right now, so get ready for a lot of gizmos and gadgets and unnecessary but adorable items. also, I have no idea what to get brandi. does anyone have suggestions for a man who has everything, including 15 backpacks? a hug and a kiss? 

here's what I've got this week...

praying for all of those affected by the California wildfires; help by contributing to this baby2baby registry on amazon

the perfect party shoe that isn't a high heel

if you’re feeling ritzy, go have dinner at cecconi’s. on Sunday, I spotted >1 victoria’s secret models there, which is a lot of angels for one establishment 

how beautiful is this AWAY luggage? you can even charge your phone with it!

a workout I really enjoyed this week; kind of like dance meets pilates 

a bracelet that holds your hair tie in place + makes it look stylish? genius

a good reminder on how to prioritize yourself, even when life is chaotic (hello, holidays)

weeknight friendly (gluten-free) eggplant parmesan that lewks so krunchy

a present for your best friend who only drinks single origin coffee

why are we (millennials) the way that we are?

very into these sweet potato & sage latkes

last but not least, a massive congratulations to my brother Eric! His band Catalina is featured on Impose Magazine this week :D

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