the weekend cast

the weekend cast

friends, have you ever had the flu? if not, allow me to explain: it's HORRID. Like the worst cold in the history of humanity and it lasts forever and right when you think "holy shit tomorrow I'll wake up and be better," you're still friggin sick. Day 6 of this for me. Sorry for falling off the face of the earth but I seriously have spent the last week either a) sleeping b) watching netflix c) drinking a hot beverage or d) cuddling with Maui. 

I'm looking forward to finally feeling better (soon) and a classic jewish christmas next week. that means movies + chinese food for those of you who didn't have a bat mitzvah. 

p.s the photo above is from when I made a vision board, which is a really cool pre-new-year activity :) I highly recommend making one!

here's what I've spotted from my bed this week:

it's not too late to see 🎡all of the lights🎡

how pretty is this double strand moonstone necklace?

in case you need a recipe for christmas morning, do as williams-sonoma does

now that's my definition of a power couple

the perfect bag for holding all your duck sauce packets and a day out at the racetrack!

don't we all need a dank checkered blazer to pair with a turtleneck? 

mari andrew's grub street diet- featuring a pit stop in Brighton Beach

what's the big deal with harry & david anyways?

the perfect cookbook for your friend who casually incorporates "fennel fronds" into a recipe

j'adore crushed pink velvet dresses

been making this chicken soup on repeat this week (surprise, surprise)

8 traditional rules of a royal wedding

Have a fantastic, restful long weekend, no matter what you're up to! and merry christmas to all those celebrating πŸŽ…

The Most Important Lesson I Learned This Year

The Most Important Lesson I Learned This Year

the weekend cast

the weekend cast