the weekend cast

the weekend cast

hi hi hi hi hi 

i am flushed with energy today as it's been a crazy week of networking, socializing, and just ideas buzzing left and right! the holidays in the city always feel like a crazy time, don't you think? what have you got going on? this weekend, brandon and I are going to visit our friends in ossining. we can't wait for maui to play with their beautiful retriever named lola (swoon.) I plan on baking these blondies to bring with me, because a good guest never comes empty-handed. 

p.s that pic was taken at our rehearsal dinner by my dear friend katherine! isn't her photography stunning?

here's what I found in my internet prowl this week...

the book I’m currently reading "The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind" makes you rethink everything you know about society and how your brain works

the winter coat brandon bought me on black friday, which is SO WARM and produced with responsible down feathers; win win

the wonderful (and graphic) movie that made my brother try being pescatarian

my favorite holiday sweater that is surprisingly super soft and cozy, despite being all tinsely, if you will

25 famous women talk about marriage

have you checked out your december horoscope yet? susan miller is obvi the go-to

wow cooking polenta in the oven? this is a serious game changer

a union square speakeasy for when you feel like being fancy and drinking $16 cocktails; nice for an upscale date

friendship bracelets all grown up

I love the look of a kitchen gallery wall!

how is this necklace only $24?

pete wells gave this carroll gardens thai restaurant two stars. must. try. immediately. 

i’m on board to do anything that fixes the broken subway system

mmm this tomato chicken curry looks really good

have a wonderful weekend friends! 

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