the weekend cast

the weekend cast

hi friends!
This week has felt like molasses creeping down the side of a jar for me. Maui had some kind of stomach bug, so we talked about poop samples and cleaned up his vomit and gosh that was a quick reroute into reality! In other less smelly news, I started listening to Girlboss Radio by the founder of NastyGal and I really enjoy the sense of empowerment it brought to me. So far, I've listened to how Leandra Medine founded ManRepeller, and how Tyler Haney created Outdoor Voices, both two brands I love and admire. If you're into entrepreneurial stories, definitely give it a shot. 

This weekend, we're spending a lot of time with our friends: a mini dinner party tonight, an engagement party tomorrow, and then hopefully some downtime on Sunday. I already bought tickets to see a movie, which brings me to my weekend cast... 

everyone is talking about Lady Bird, the directorial debut of Greta Gerwig. I cannot wait to see it!

a cooler version of Uggs that I've been wearing for every errand I have to run this week. They are super comfy after the first wear, and very high quality 

very excited to make this crunchy + refreshing salad for our Thanksgiving table

I want to buy everything from the the madewell holiday gift guide (for myself)

a solid sushi spot in prospect heights, with a killer okonomiyake pancake too

ICYMI, the best product to smooth your hair straight out of the shower 

people have very strong opinions about books displayed backwards; what do you think?

these are the cutest nail clippers ever and I want them

15 tips for an organized thanksgiving

my go-to holiday gift for special ladies in my life(aka a boss, best friend, mentor, mom)

is there such a thing as wanting too much sex?

I want this face mask simply because I love anything watermelon 

speaking of watermelon, how about some jerky for your snacking delight?

have a fantastic day lovelies! stay bundled + warm :)

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