the weekend cast

the weekend cast

you know what today makes me feel like? this song. I get to wear a summer dress, winter boots, and a long, burgundy sweater to wrap it all together. I love every single thing about the fall air, and the change of seasons. Also, I've been starting my mornings off for 3 days now with a matcha-almond milk-latte and I must say, really enjoy how calm it keeps me. what do you drink when you're not drinking coffee in the morning?

if you read my e-newsletter (which you can subscribe to at the bottom the page), you'll know that I'm getting ready for a slow weekend. what do you have going on? below are some favorites from the internet this week... 

an inside look at how 25-year old poet prodigy/instagram celebrity, rupi kaur, is breaking down the doors of publishing

and her new book, beautifully titled the sun and her flowers

and the book on my nightstand now (ok fine, on my kindle) 

the perfect wrap coat, and it's now an extra 30% off the sale price 

banana cream coconut butter cups? try saying that 3x fast. or don't. maybe just eat them.

i just bought myself 8 greens because eating 15 cups of broccoli is downright impossible

my new favorite italian restaurant in nyc; if you go, please get the cacio e pepe

where to begin? puff sleeves, hot pink, mini, animal print... seems like it shouldn't work, but somehow it does. 

bethenny frankel started a charity geared towards helping women in times of crisis

an inspiring Op-Ed by Julia Turshen. author of the new book "Feed the Resistance"

the hottest restaurants in Manhattan, October 2017

slow cooker chicken congee: gingery, warm, comforting, and what I made for dinner. you'll know this already if you follow me on instagram :) 

oh, and p.s both saks and bloomingdales have friends and family going on right now, so you can get 25% off almost errrrything! 

The Best Italian Restaurant In Manhattan

The Best Italian Restaurant In Manhattan

"Cheesy" Dairy-Free Eggs With Wilted Greens

"Cheesy" Dairy-Free Eggs With Wilted Greens