the weekend cast

the weekend cast

hi guys!
are you like... what the hell is wrong with this girl why is she posting on the weekend of her wedding? Well rest assured, I wrote this post in advance. Not toooo far in advance, but just a few days early so that you don't miss some great stuff around the web, and I don't miss soaking up the last few minutes as a bride. What are you up to this weekend? I'm trying to be super casual and calm but I AM NOT CALM AT ALL I AM SO EXCITED I CAN'T BREATHE CALL 911. Just kidding, please don't do that. I am dandy and hyper and alrighty back to the cool stuff floating on the web.

P.S: has anyone gone apple picking? That is something I want to do every year, and then never get around to. 

this clay face mask has a cult-like following and 11,000 positive reviews on Amazon; have you tried it? 

how GOOD does this sausage and potato roast with arugula look (p.s i freaking love how cute fingerling potatoes are)

my wedding shoes, in case you were curious. stay tuned for more pics soon :)

an interesting profile on Nom Wah Tea Parlor, my favorite dim sum in nyc, and where we went right after we got our marriage license

what do think about a cashew-based alfredo sauce? I'd try it! Although after I eat pasta for 3 meals a day in Italy will I still be craving cheese sauce? 

the perfect wool coat for winter

the new natural deodorant I bought this week for Brandon and I; I love the pear lavender scent and it's working very well so far!

women in politics are also saying "me too"

not new, but thought I would share one of my favorite books ever. like ever. ever. ever. in case you want to curl up on the couch this weekend.

what a stunning, marigold sweater. I love the ribbed detailing.

the perfect underwear to wear under a tight dress

what the CEO of a tequila company eats/drinks all day (man this job sounds like a dream....)

ok and now I'm off to get married and I love you all see ya on the flip side!



I Hated Foot Cream Before I Found This One

I Hated Foot Cream Before I Found This One