the weekend cast

the weekend cast

good morning friends! how are you doing? you know those mornings that you wake up kinda jittery, feeling kinda funky? I'm having one of those. alas, here I am in my kitchen, playing "coffeetable jazz," drinking a mug of tea, watching the flickering fire in my candle and condensation that has quickly formed on the underbelly of my window. deep breath in, deep breath out. tonight, we're going to Charlie Bird which I've wanted to try 4eva! have you been? any recommendations on what to order? tomorrow, we're heading to a hanukkah partay and I plan on making sufganiyot. can't quite decide if I want to bake them or fry them... help! what are you doing to stay warm this wknd? 

here's what I've combed from the internet hairs this week:

a one-minute mini-meditation to let go of stress

merry xmas to me; are these not the most beautiful shoesies you've ever laid eyes on?

the next book on my to-do read list 

damn these cranberry-apple hand pies sure do look t a s t y 

have you heard of the book of the month club? I want to sign up!

how the end of net neutrality will affect you

also, net-a-porter is having a fire sale and these boots are my kryptonite

the sexiest little black dress on sale at reformation right this minute

ten tips for reducing waste + plastic use

speaking of reducing waste, the silicone bags I use as an alternative to ziploc

ok, this is THE most perfect winter candle; it smells leave fresh green leaves, eucalyptus and wintermint

have a beautiful weekend you guys!

the weekend cast

the weekend cast

Crunchy, Chewy, Salty Chocolate Chip Cookies

Crunchy, Chewy, Salty Chocolate Chip Cookies