What Are Your Goals This Year?

Ah, resolutions. A wonderful way to set goals for ourselves as we close one chapter of our lives, and hit refresh to start a new year. Goals are also an easy way to fail, if you set ones for yourself that are lofty and unrealistic. Nonetheless, I'll take any excuse to think about how I can get/feel/be better, so I always write resolutions. I normally do them before the clock strikes twelve, but this year, I couldn't figure out what I wanted in time. I decided to wait, and I am happy that I did. A couple (okay, like six) hours in bed and some quiet time yesterday really brought some clarity to me, and I was able to hear my inner voice. I know what my intentions and goals for the new year are.

The Best Wedding Advice I Received

I find that the best advice is always tactical. Someone doesn't tell you "eat" but instead they say "ask your catering manager to pull you away for 10 minutes during the cocktail hour so you can quickly eat." They don't say "be in the moment" but instead, they remind you what your wedding is about, and how you can actually be in the moment. This is what my MOH, Sofya, did for me. 

The Best Store-Bought Tortilla I Ever Had

Ok guys, the other day I went to Mecca AKA Whole Foods and spotted a beautiful package of tortillas I’d never seen before. They were paper thin and carried ubiquitous char spots. They appeared to be blistered and shiny, even in the package. I was shocked by the $7 price tag, considering how cheap tortillas normally are, but I was intrigued by the description: "We produce tortillas the same way it is done throughout the towns, villages and cities of Northern Mexico."

Where To Find The Best Noodle Soups in NYC

As soon as the weather gets chilly, I consume hot liquids en masse, moving seamlessly from my morning coffee to lunchtime soup to afternoon tea and back again. Nothing comforts me more on a brisk, New York day then a huge bowl of hearty broth with all the fixins, and a lot of slippery noodles to fortify that winter body we're all working towards.