Watch This Movie Tonight!

this movie, my goodness. get yourself some pizza or sushi tonight, or make a pumpkin soup, and curl up on the couch for a perfect night in. if you enjoy dramatic comedy, and dustin hoffman (who doesn't?) then you will enjoy this cinematic work of art. I won't spoil the plot for you, but it involves intricate family plot lines and really makes you question what it means to be part of a unit.

A Week Before My Wedding

Good morning, dear readers. You may have noticed that last week, I didn't share a "weekend cast" with you. To be completely honest, my mind has been occupied with a zillion, and yes, I do mean zillion, little details. I wanted to share some pockets of thought inside my brain leading up to the big day. I wonder if other brides have experienced similar thoughts? Let's see...

Why I Bought An Instant Camera

My grandparents gave me a beautiful Canon DSLR camera on the day that I graduated from college. I jumped with excitement, and then proceeded to use it on automatic for a few years. When I started blogging, I realized it would be good to actually learn how this thing works so that I could be more in control. I signed up for an online course, and then read/watched the lessons a few times. For me, I'm a visual learner, and studying something very technical at home was a challenge. I was able to pick up some basic terms (ISO, f-stop) and tricks (natural light is always best) but then I got sidetracked.

The Best Italian Restaurant In Manhattan

How can I even explain the perfection of this family-owned restaurant to you? I can't do it justice, but I will try hard enough to get you there. The doorway is so tiny that two people can't stand in it at once. There are a total of 8 tables in the whole place. The bar makes a stellar negroni. The waiters are kind, patient, and generous with the warm grilled bread and olives they serve you upon ordering. The pasta is magnificent, the portions a plenty. The ambiance is charming and cozy, and the food is refined without being stuck up. 

the weekend cast

well hello there dahhhhhling! how goes it? We're closing out on week 3 with our pup and BOY IS IT A LOT OF WORK! I don't think I ever realized what waking up at 6AM every single day is like. The thing is though.... he is so darn cute. I forget all about how annoying the wake-up call is, or how gross it is to scoop poop off the street as soon as he licks my face or jumps on me when I come home! Is this what having a baby is like? They do say it's good practice... What are you up to this weekend? I'm observing Yom Kippur, and then on Sunday doing a final walkthrough at our wedding venue! WOOOHOO! 23 days!

How To Properly Wash Your Face

When I asked my aesthetician Elizabeth about face wash, I told her it seems like a big waste of money because it just washes right off. The product doesn't have time to really affect my skin much. Elizabeth said "Well, you have to rub it in for about a minute every time!" Oops. Why had I never realized this? It makes perfect sense, but I guess I was 1) lazy 2) busy 3) unsure it really did much. She explained that washing your face 1-2x a day and actually massaging in the product makes a huge difference. You get the blood circulating, the skin truly clean, and you give the product that you spent your hard-earned money on a chance to work! 

love talk: who calls the shots?

In preparation for our wedding, we’ve had several meetings with our Rabbi. We not only discuss the logistics of our ceremony, but also the deeper issues that exist in married life. When we first met him, he asked us if we’d talked about power, sex and money. We kind of looked around and laughed and were like “uhhh…. yes? No? Idk?” 

the weekend cast

Coming to you live from Boca Raton, Florida is the weekend cast. On tap for us: bloody Marys by the pool and a chance of thunderstorms. We’re here for the weekend relaxing with Brandon’s family, ringing in the new year right. Shana Tova to those of you celebrating! What do you have planned for the next few days? Share anything exciting in the comments below!

My Bridal Shower!

I am still floating on a happy cloud of pink candy, ocean views, and strawberries fizzing in champagne. This past Sunday was my bridal shower and the women who planned it absolutely killed the game. I wanted to share some photos with you guys, as well as some of my favorite highlights. 

Did You Write Your Wedding Vows?

Brandon and I are both Jewish, and decided have a traditional Jewish ceremony. Usually, this ceremony doesn't include personal vows, but in the modern world, it's not uncommon to see couples integrate them. I love the idea, but unfortunately, I've got one issue: I'm a huge crybaby.