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Breastfeeding Tips & Suggestions for Your First Month With Baby

Hello and welcome back to my new series called “Motherhood! Who the Heck Knew?” Just kidding. But not really. The first two months of breastfeeding for me were an absolute rollercoaster. I had this book out and open on the kitchen table, page after page dog-eared and stained in milk drops that would drip down in the middle of the night, just when I needed information most.

I shared a little bit about the struggle in the beginning here, but for those of you looking for a more in-depth tale, you've come to the right place.

How I Dealt With First Trimester Nausea and "Morning" Sickness

Pregnancy nausea is very different than regular nausea, where I almost always would wait it out. AKA, if I was feeling queasy, I’d stop eating until I felt better. With pregnancy, you can’t really do that because the hungrier you allow yourself to get, the more nauseas you feel. Except you don’t want to eat, so it’s a vicious cycle. Doctors suggest hilarious things like “eating a few crackers in the middle of the night during a midnight pee break” so that you don’t wake up starving. IDK about you but I’m not a fan of stuffing saltines down my throat at 3AM while running to pee and trying to stay sleepy. Below are some tips that helped me.

How I Felt On A 3-Day Juice Cleanse

Ok so here's the thing: I generally hate cleanses. But it was the week of my wedding, and I got my period, and I was all red and blotchy and just generally feeling MEH. I really wanted to have a lot of energy and feel great, and just have that bridal glow on the wedding day, so I decided to go big or go home. I've done a juice cleanse two times before in the past and when I came out of it, I felt energized, re-charged, and well rested.

How To Properly Wash Your Face

When I asked my aesthetician Elizabeth about face wash, I told her it seems like a big waste of money because it just washes right off. The product doesn't have time to really affect my skin much. Elizabeth said "Well, you have to rub it in for about a minute every time!" Oops. Why had I never realized this? It makes perfect sense, but I guess I was 1) lazy 2) busy 3) unsure it really did much. She explained that washing your face 1-2x a day and actually massaging in the product makes a huge difference. You get the blood circulating, the skin truly clean, and you give the product that you spent your hard-earned money on a chance to work! 

7 Ways To Relieve Menstrual Cramps Naturally

I've done a bit of reading to figure out what actually helps me feel better when aunt Flo comes for a visit, and I'd love to share my recommendations with you. In cases of extreme back pain, I do take advil liquid gels to help me get back on my feet quickly. Otherwise, I try my best to utilize as many of the suggestions below to relieve stiffness and pain without popping a pill.

5 Workouts to Do When You're Stressed AF

Recently though I've really been craving a good sweat session. A seriously intense, turn your mind off, get all of your aggression out, get rid of the anxiety cardio power hour. With the wedding just a few months away, I've been feeling the weight on my shoulders. I go to bed thinking about veils and nails and bouquets and bands, and it's just thrown me off! 

7 Secrets to Your Best Sleep Ever

As a person who is constantly on my phone for one reason or another (sharing blog updates, texting a friend, calling my mom, answering an e-mail, taking a photo) I understand the desire (and often, the fun) of being on your phone. You're a busy person! I know. But when it comes to rest, the best thing you can do for your mind is let it get sleepy naturally, and reap in those benefits. 

DIY 5-Ingredient Sugar Scrub

Aside from the fact that store bought scrubs are often made with tiny pieces of plastic that harm the earth, they’re also pricey. It’s hard to find a scrub that leaves my skin baby soft without rubbing it raw first. And so, I created this easy, 5-ingredient DIY body scrub. It’s everlastingly adaptable, takes a few minutes to make, smells heavenly, doesn’t hurt the planet, and will save you the $35 you would have spent at Sephora. You’re welcome. 

Is Your Sunscreen Killing the Coral Reefs?

When we arrived on the beach one morning, I reached for my trusty La Roche-Posay bottle. Brandon asked me if we had any reef-safe sunscreen, and I am embarrassed to say I had no clue what he was talking about. I’d never even heard of such a thing, and I am someone who buys and invests in sunscreen frequently. I shook my head, and proceeded to slather on the cooling French SPF. I thought about it more as I sat in the water for almost an hour. How many people are there swimming in an ocean right this minute? How many of those people will swim more than once in that same day? Are all of them wearing sunscreen? Is all of that sunscreen washing off into the ocean?